Hello. I'm Lawrence Kritzinger.

I believe in the value of sound marketing principles when it comes to marketing your business. My mission is to help you find the most direct and affordable path to marketing your business on the Internet successfully.

I’m a small business owner myself. I understand the challenges of building a successful business and the many hours of blood, sweat and tears that are needed to turn your business dream into reality. That's why I founded Kritzinger Consulting to help small business owners grow their business online through a tried and proven digital marketing strategy.

No small business can afford to waste time or money with ineffective Internet marketing.

Your focus is on providing your customers or clients with great products and great service. If you decide to work with me, my focus will be to create a marketing plan for your business that suits your budget and business needs.

Let’s make your business grow.
Lawrence Kritzinger
Lawrence Kritzinger
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At Kritzinger Consulting our mission is to empower business owners to promote their businesses online through sound and comprehensive digital marketing services that offer a return on their investment.
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Lawrence Kritzinger

Lawrence Kritzinger

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Lawrence Kritzinger

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If you'd prefer to chat to me telephonically, call me on WhatsApp or click here. 🙂

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