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Kritzinger Consulting does more than simply creating your professional business website: We also ensure that your website continues to perform as reliably and efficiently as it did the day it was launched. Website maintenance and security services are essential to maximizing your website's online performance, both in search engines and for site visitors.
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Maintain your website

You wouldn't buy a motor vehicle and not ever service it, would you? Imagine what its engine would look like after a few hundred thousand miles without ever being serviced?

Your website is a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy and it needs to be regularly maintained to ensure that it performs at it best when a visitor arrives or a search engine is indexing it. You need to be certain that your site loads quickly and that everything displays as intended, whether the visitor is browsing from a desktop computer or their mobile phone.

Let Us Take Care of Your Website Maintenance

You've invested a lot of money in your business website. Keeping it safe and secure and performing optimally will ensure that both you and your website visitors will get the best possible web experience.

To keep your website up to date and protected against online threats and data loss can be time consuming. It can take a few hours per week to perform all the tasks that are needed to properly maintain a modern website.

That's why we offer you a hassle free way to keep your website in tip top condition:

  • We will test your website every three months so that you don't have to worry about finding out that your site has become vulnerable to online threats.
  • We will provide updates to you on a monthly basis. This way, you can rest assured that your website is always safe and secure.
  • We'll check for errors on your website and fix them for you. If there are any security issues, we'll help you deal with them.
  • We'll monitor your website 24/7 so that you never miss an update. This means that you will always be kept up to date on the latest changes to your website.
  • You will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with the upkeep of your website. Our goal is to take care of the work so that you can focus on what you really want to do - running your business.

Part of Black Bear’s extensive bag of tricks includes continued website maintenance and support. Keeping a site current and relevant has everything to do with how your site ranks, and how much traffic visits and, ultimately, converts. Our ongoing website maintenance services are geared to maximize your online presence, engage customers with fresh content, and create higher levels of profitability.

You don’t need to spend hours learning web design, or have a big budget or hire your own IT department to update your site. Whether we proactively make suggestions and update your website with new tools, imagery, or language, or we make changes as needed, our website security and maintenance services are comprehensive and all-inclusive. Whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, we offer website maintenance to fit your needs.
Our job is simple: keep your website up-to-date, secure, up and running, and bug-free. Standard maintenance on your website keeps it looking great, and running fast as we monitor for uptime and performance including daily backup and hourly monitoring. We can also consult, plan and strategize with you based on what isn’t working well for your website from broken links to outdated content to make larger updates and even revamp it as needed.

Our proactive approach to security combines finding and fixing potential threats before they become a problem. If these updates are not performed it can make your website a target. During the first quarter of 2016, the top three outdated plugins were responsible for 25% of all WordPress breaches. Maintaining a site requires version updates, plugin upgrades, and hardware maintenance. As new features are brought online, we can train someone on your team to manage that too.
Developer website testing must go beyond the initial launch to become an ongoing maintenance task. Launching does take a lot of time and energy, but if you want your website to flourish, then you need to test and improve your site consistently. We track and measure everything. You won’t believe the interesting things we can learn about your site and its visitors. And, based on the feedback your users provide, we improve your website accordingly.

Site speed is key to both visitors and search engines alike. 47% of customers expect a site to load in two seconds, and 40% will abandon the visit if it takes more than three seconds to load. Google rewards sites that are mobile-friendly with a special tag and better rankings. Testing and improving increases conversions and ultimately sales. Focus on running your business and let us focus on making sure your site is running smoothly and effortlessly creating revenue.
Black Bear Design’s website maintenance and support services are available when you are. We are available by phone Monday – Friday from 8 am to 5 pm, or we’re available 24/7 through our support center.  We adhere to a strict policy: quick turnarounds, affordable pricing, and, above all, quality work. We offer website maintenance services along with complete webmaster support – everything from changing text and pictures to adding pages, internet marketing, and search engine optimization.
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At Kritzinger Consulting our mission is to empower business owners to promote their businesses online through sound and comprehensive digital marketing services that offer a return on their investment.
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